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    IMPORTANT: Because of the COVID-19 Health Crisis, the AGMA Fund Office is currently closed due to the "State of New York on PAUSE" executive order. Our staff is working remotely during normal business hours (9:00 ET to 5:30ET). The best way to reach us is to send an email to and we will email or call you back.

    Retirement Plan Changes: Member balances with AGMA Retirement are now managed by Prudential Retirement starting September 1st, 2021. This change will help us provide our plan members with improved retirement planning resources and benefits - choosing your own investment mix, daily valuations, online account management, beneficiary updates, and 24/7 access to your account online and via an automated phone system.

    For online information please visit The AGMA Retirement Plan Transition Resource Center. This resource includes information on your Prudential portal log in, choosing investments for your future Prudential Retirement account, and virtual webinar times and registration. Members can schedule a consultation through the AGMA Retirement Plan Transition Resource Center or can click this link here. Please visit or call 877-PRU-2100 (877-778-2100) to login to your account, view your balance, choose the investments for your Prudential account and to elect a beneficiary. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Fund Office at 212-765-3664 or email us at

    New AGMA Health Plan Choice Announcement: The AGMA Health Fund Board of Trustees is pleased to announce a new choice for members eligible for AGMA Health Plan A that will become effective January 1, 2022.

    Eligible members will have a choice of two health plans for calendar 2022. Members will have the option to select a new Health Plan A1, which will be a High-Deductible Health Plan offset by a Health Savings Account. (A Health Savings Account is a tax-exempt health investment account that the member owns in perpetuity and can use to pay eligible health care costs now or at any future date.) The monthly individual insurance premium for Plan A1 will be paid 100% by the employer (unless the CBA currently provides otherwise). As part of Plan A1, a total annual contribution of $1,000 will be made into the member's Health Savings Account at no cost to them, to help offset the deductible. The member can also contribute on a pre-tax basis.

    Alternatively, members may elect to remain in Plan A, but will be required to contribute $40 per month towards the monthly insurance premium. This choice of plans will allow members to select the option that best meets their needs and help the Fund continue to offer excellent coverage while not paying for coverage a member may not need.

    The Trustees are finalizing the details, and the Fund will be sharing information on a regular basis to educate members about the new choice:

    • In September, you will receive detailed information about both plans.
    • In September, the Fund Office conducted online educational sessions for members to better understand the change and ask questions. Here is the presentation from these educational meetings and here is the recorded session.
    • In October, you will receive enrollment materials.
    • In October, the Fund will conduct follow-up shop meetings to answer remaining questions.
    • In November, you will make your selection during Open Enrollment.

    Information will also be available on the AGMA Health Fund website, If you have any questions, please reach out to the Fund Office at 212-765-3664 or email us at

    COBRA Premium Subsidy: The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which was signed into law on March 11, 2021, includes a six-month federally financed COBRA subsidy covering the full COBRA premium for eligible individuals. Eligible individuals are those who lost or lose group health coverage due to a participant's reduction in hours or involuntary termination of employment (other than for gross misconduct), including those who did not elect COBRA when it was initially offered or elected COBRA but discontinued it before April 1, 2021 and are still within the COBRA period. The subsidy will be available to eligible individuals for the period from April 1, 2021 through September 30, 2021, except for periods in which the participant is eligible for Medicare or any other group health coverage. You are required to notify the Fund Office if you become eligible under another plan or Medicare. If you do not notify us, you may be subject to a tax penalty. The subsidy will cover the entire cost of your COBRA premium.

    The Fund Office has started mailing out materials to members that could be eligible for the COBRA subsidy. If you have any questions regarding the information being received, please contact the Fund Office at (212)-765-3664 or

    Plan A May 1 Changes: Please note that beginning May 1st, 2021 changes will be made to The Aetna Open Access Managed Choice POS plan; please click on this link to view all details regarding the upcoming changes. The Summary Plan Description for the AGMA Health Fund can be accessed here or a hard copy can be requested by calling the Fund Office at (212) 765-3664.

    The AGMA Health Fund has finally resolved with Aetna the issue regarding Chiropractic claims that were charged at the wrong rate earlier this year. All incorrectly processed claims have been reprocessed correctly as of July 26. You may have received a refund directly from Aetna, or you may be notified of a payment that was sent to your Providers Office. If you were charged for any additional visits beyond the initial Specialist charge for your first visit and you were notified by Aetna that the payment was sent to your Provider, please contact your Provider for a refund. Please let the Fund Office know by phone or email if you have any questions or problems.

    For any additional questions or issues you may have regarding your Chiropractic Claims, you may also contact the AGMA Health Fund Office at

    Online Portal: The AGMA Fund Office member portal is now online and available at This portal is set up to allow members to view employer contributions and eligibility directly. Initially, the portal shows contributions to the AGMA Retirement Plan; additional updates will allow members to see contributions and eligibility for the AGMA Health Fund.

    Members who have provided their electronic consent should have received a welcome email. If you are experiencing a problem with the link in that email, please simply enter the portal address ( and then provide the temporary user ID and login from the email. To sign up for the portal and to provide your electronic consent to have materials emailed to you, please complete and return the electronic consent form to and we will have the system generate your new login information. If you wish to only access the portal, please contact the Fund Office to be set up.

    Email Security: When we communicate back to you, your email may come through as a link to ZixMail. This is the service that we use to communicate securely with our members in order to protect your Personal Health Information (PHI) and other personally identifiable information. Once you have set up an account for ZixMail, please use this service to respond to our emails securely. Please note that secure emails will expire after 30 days to protect your information.

  • Plan B Members: There were significant changes to Plan B due to the Affordable Care Act, effective September 1, 2014. This letter was emailed and mailed to the address we had on file explaining these changes. Click here

  • Vision Benefits: Plan A eligible members can now sign up for vision benefits on a self-pay basis. Please see the information that was included in the open enrollment letter and the list of benefits covered under this plan. If interested, please call the Fund Office for rate information.

  • Plan A members can download a copy of the current Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) by clicking here.

  • Health Fund Summary Annual Report

  • Retirement Plan Summary Annual Report

  • Women's Health & Cancer Act Notice

  • Plan B Summary Plan Description - Click here

  • Plan B members have two opportunities to buy into Plan  A coverage after June and December of each year; please see this letter for additional information.

This Web site is intended as an informational source for members of the American Guild of Musical Artists who are participants in the AGMA Retirement Plan and/or the AGMA Health Fund.  Eligibility for the AGMA Retirement Plan and AGMA Health Fund is based on the Collective Bargaining Agreements of individual Companies.   The AGMA Health Fund does not offer health insurance directly to members.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Fund Office.

The AGMA Health & Retirement Plans (the "Plans") are separate legal entities from the Union. The Plans are administered by a Board of Trustees made up of an equal number of Union and Employer representatives. While acting as Trustees, these Union and Employer representatives are not agents of the Union or the Employer; as Trustees they are legally obligated to administer the Plans in accordance with the governing documents and to act for the exclusive benefit of the Participants.

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