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Frequently Asked Questions AGMA Health Fund Plan B

There were significant changes made to Plan B due to the Affordable Care Act, effective September 1, 2014. This letter was emailed and mailed to the address we had on file explaining these changes. Please also see this new information regarding eligibility effective in 2021.

1. Who is eligible for coverage through the AGMA Health Fund Plan B?
A. In general an Artist employed by a Company that is obligated by collective bargaining with AGMA to contribute to the medical reimbursement plan referred to here as AGMA Health Fund Plan B.

2. Who makes the contributions to my Plan B account?
A. The Company you are employed by is responsible for making contributions to your Plan B account. The amounts of the contributions will vary.

3. What can I use my Plan B account for?
A. Plan B funds can be used for many medical expenses, including dental or vision, or health insurance premiums incurred by the participant or a dependent of the participant. The list of expenses that can qualify for reimbursement is found here. Please see the Plan B Summary Plan Description Summary Plan Description for further information.

4. How do I receive reimbursement from Plan B?
A. The participant will need to submit a claim form, including documentation to Administrative Services Only, Plan Benefit Administrators, 303 Merrick Road – P.O. Box 9010, Lynbrook, NY 11563-9010. The claims will be verified and a check sent to the participant for the amount of the claim up to what is available in his medical reimbursement account. Claims and supporting documents may also be faxed to 516-396-5579.

5. How do I know how much money I have in my Plan B account?
A. You will receive quarterly statements that show the contributions made, benefits paid out to you and any administrative expenses deducted from your account. You can also call 800-537-1238 or Click here to check your Plan B Account Balance.

6. Are there any limits on how much I can be reimbursed each year?
A. You may submit claims for reimbursement of eligible expenses up to your current account balance. Please consult the Summary Plan Description for further details.

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